STAFF Training under TEQIP @ Birbhum Institute of Engineering & Technology, Suri

2nd Phase of staff training started at BIET, with 6 days of Office Management Training.

Completed 1st phase of YEP (Finishing School Program) for BIET students helping them to get prepared for upcoming placement season.

We have conducted staff Training under the TEQIP-II Scheme for the staff members of Birbhum Institute of Engineering & Technology, and have completed training on Basic Computing (10 days), Basic Soft Skills Development (5 Days); “File handling” (4 days);”Advanced Soft Skills” and “Communication Skills Development” (6 days) at the college campus in Siuri.

Completed 1st phase of English Language Skills DevelopmentĀ (8 days) training for the Staff members of BIET at Suri. we have also completed 4 days training on Personality Development for the staff members of BIET.

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